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TSMC Posts Impressive Financials Despite Global Slowdown – Investing Heavily for Future

11. Januar 2023 // von admin

• Taiwanese multinational chip manufacturing giant Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd (NYSE: TSM) has reported an impressive sales record for the 2022 financial year with consolidated sales of NT$2.26 trillion (US$75.23 billion), up 42.6% from the year-ago period.
• The chipmaker’s fourth quarter revenue was pegged at NT$625.5 billion ($20.6 billion), up 43%, however, this impressive figure came in behind the NT$636 billion projection from analysts.
• This marks the first time in 2 years that the company has missed its estimates, indicating that it is not entirely immune to the current realities of the global economy.

Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd (TSMC), the world’s largest chip manufacturer, has reported an impressive financial performance for the 2022 financial year, with consolidated sales of NT$2.26 trillion (US$75.23 billion). This marks an impressive 42.6% increase compared to the same period the previous year.

The fourth quarter of the year saw an even more impressive performance, with sales of NT$625.5 billion ($20.6 billion), up 43% from the prior quarter. However, the results fell short of the expected NT$636 billion projection from analysts, which is the first time the company has missed its estimates in the past two years. This indicates that while TSMC is in a strong position, it is still subject to the realities of the global economy.

The company’s December sales were particularly strong, with a 24% increase compared to the previous month, coming in at NT$192.6 billion. The strong performance was driven by the company’s robust semiconductor and optoelectronic products, which saw a 45.9% and 24.1% increase in sales respectively.

In the face of the current economic slowdown, TSMC has been working hard to stay ahead of the competition by investing heavily in new technologies, such as 5 nanometer chip manufacturing, as well as increasing its production capacity. The company has also been making moves to expand its presence in the US, with plans to build a $12 billion semiconductor manufacturing plant in Arizona.

Looking ahead, TSMC is confident about its future prospects, with plans to increase its capital expenditure by 20% in order to maintain its competitive edge. The company is also planning to increase its dividend payout ratio, as well as its research and development expenditure in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Overall, TSMC’s strong financial performance for the past year is a testament to the company’s resilience and ability to adapt to challenging market conditions. Despite the global economic slowdown, the Taiwanese chipmaker has managed to stay ahead of the pack and remain competitive. With its plans in place to continue investing in cutting edge technologies, TSMC is well positioned to remain a leader in the semiconductor industry.

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