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European Commission is accepting proposals for pre-commercial procurement of blockchain projects

10. Dezember 2020 // von admin

The European Union has doubled its commitment to invest in blockchain technologies.

European Commission is accepting proposals for pre-commercial procurement of blockchain projectsNOTES

The European Commission is opening proposals for pre-commercial procurement of EU blockchain initiatives, or CFP.

In general, a CFP is a public sector purchase of research and development services to adapt new or emerging technology to your needs.

This PCP will focus on the development of a new blockchain solution that is based on the EU legal framework, such as the General Data Protection Regulation, the Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services Regulation and the Network and Information Systems Directive.

The process will involve awarding several research and development contracts in parallel with existing service providers considered to offer the best value for money.

These providers will develop the solutions in phases, with the number of contractors being reduced to each subsequent phase.

The CFP will be carried out in cooperation with the European Blockchain Partnership and will build on the work already done.

EBP was formed in April 2018 with the commitment to establish a European Blockchain services infrastructure.

The aim is to provide public services across borders across the EU using blockchain technology. However, the ongoing work on EBSI is focused on use cases that can be easily implemented using existing blockchain technologies.

The CFP aims to fill the gap between existing solutions and a customised system that fully complies with the EU legal framework, security, robustness, interoperability and sustainability.

As reported by the Cointelegraph, in September the EC and EBP announced plans to launch a pan-European regulatory restricted area by 2022.

This latest call for proposals appears to solidify the EU’s commitment to invest in blockchain technology and distributed accounting. The bidding process is open until 28 January 2021.

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