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Coinbase to List Game Token Voxies (VOXELS): Get Ready to Trade!

7. Februar 2023 // von admin

• Coinbase announced that it would add the NFT-based crypto game „Voxies“ to its list of tradable assets.
• The project’s native cryptocurrency, VOXELS, is a polygon-based utility token and can be used to buy virtual weaponry and armor.
• The price of the token touched a 3-month high of $0.444 post the announcement.

Coinbase to List Gaming Token Voxies (VOXELS)

Coinbase has made a public statement that they would include a new coin in their listing roadmap – Voxies (VOXELS). When a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase adds a token to its „roadmap,“ it means that the token will be supported on its platform in the coming days. The listing date has not been officially announced but is expected within the upcoming weeks.

Overview of Voxie Tactics

Voxie Tactics is a free-to-play, retro-styled, 3D turn-based tactical role-playing game inspired by classic tactical games from the 1990s and 2000s. Players can utilize the VOXEL token in Voxie Tactics to improve their chances of winning in the game. There are now 103M tokens in circulation with current value reaching $0.444 per unit due to this news announcement.

Price Hike Following Announcement

The price of Voxels (VOXELS) increased 13% after Coinbase’s announcement, touching a 3 month high at $0.444 per unit according to CoinMarketCap data.. This increase suggests that traders are optimistic about this addition which could draw more attention towards other coins on Coinbase’s roadmap as well..

Reduction In Employees

Due to bear market conditions and FTX collapse contagion, Coinbase had reduced 950 jobs from its staff starting January this year followed by another 1,100 job cuts in June 2021 with further recruitment hold off until now..


The addition of Voxels (VOXELS) into Coinbase’s roadmap is highly anticipated by traders who seem optimistic about this move with VOXEL prices increasing immediately following the news announcement suggesting an overall positive sentiment surrounding it.. As more coins join Coinbase’s list of tradable assets, there could be renewed interest in cryptocurrencies all across marketplaces leading up to even higher returns for investors than before..

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