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Ciudadela Universitaria de Occidente in Colombia will train professionals in Blockchain

6. August 2020 // von admin

Medellín revolutionizes formal university education with the inauguration of the Ciudadela Universitaria de Occidente (Western University Citadel) that will promote the development of applications with „Blockchain“.

The Superior Agency of Medellin (Sapiencia) in Colombia announced the project „Ciudadela Universitaria de Occidente“ which is estimated that by mid-September will begin to train professionals with educational programs in disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, as published on Wednesday by the newspaper El Tiempo.

After so many setbacks and after a year and a half of execution, and with an investment of 126 billion pesos, among the last three municipal administrations, the place where the El Buen Pastor women’s prison was built, now resides an educational complex that will promote the development of Immediate Bitcoin applications in Medellín.

This new institution for higher education in the city, contemplates adapting conventional and multipurpose classrooms, to accommodate 8,000 young students, who will have the opportunity to have access to higher education in the technological, technical and for work and human development, areas related to the fourth industrial revolution, of which Medellin is considered the capital of Latin America.


The Ciudadela de Occidente has 18 conventional classrooms, 16 multipurpose rooms, a computer centre, an auditorium, a gymnasium, an infirmary, a cafeteria, sports areas, an internal cycle path, administrative rooms, parking areas and study and dissemination areas, in addition to the university campus, which is located next to the San Javier Park and Library of the Samuel Barrientos Educational Institution and 400 metres from the metro station.

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It consists of 15 buildings that will communicate with each other, that will be founded between communes 12 and 13, and whose campus is outlined as a city space that, in addition to the educational facilities, will have open areas for the enjoyment of the community.

„There are 37,000 square meters, of which 12,000 are inside the university citadel, but are for public access and enjoyment of the community, and about 25,000 square meters that if they are constituted as public space,“ detailed the assistant manager of Design and Innovation of the Urban Development Company (EDU) Nicolás Rivillas.

Mayor Daniel Quintero said that the project is 94% completed, „we still need to equip it with the technology we need so that the students can become champions of the fourth industrial revolution.

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