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Visa CEO is „very interested in cryptocurrencies“

30. November 2020 // von admin

After PayPal, Visa? The CEO of the electronic payments giant has communicated his interest in cryptocurrencies. But only certain cryptocurrencies … Visa takes a look at cryptocurrencies Visa CEO Alfred Kelly made the remark in an interview with CNBC in mid-November. Asked about Visa’s actions in the cryptocurrency sector, he explained: „The crypto asset s […]

Raoul Pal: „Institutional investors will push Bitcoin to $ 250,000 in 2021“

28. November 2020 // von admin

In an interview with Cointelegraph, investment expert Raoul Pal says that institutional investors will take Bitcoin to astronomical heights. Raoul Pal, co-founder and managing director of Global Macro Investor and Real Vision, predicts that Bitcoin will climb to $ 150,000 by November 2021, even calling this a „conservative“ estimate. Rather, he assumes that the market-leading […]

Liettuan verovirasto myy takavarikoitua BTC: tä, ETH, XMR: ää 7,6 miljoonalla dollarilla

25. November 2020 // von admin

Liettuan veroviranomainen, valtion verotarkastus tai STI, myi ilmoitetusti takavarikoitua kryptovaluutta 6,4 miljoonan euron arvosta – noin 7,6 miljoonan dollarin arvosta – ja siirsi varat myöhemmin valtion talousarvioon. Tämä olisi ensimmäinen kerta, kun Liettuan hallintoelin on myynyt takavarikoitua kryptovaluutta fiatille. Raporttien mukaan takavarikoidut salakirjat koostuivat kryptovaluutoista Bitcoin Raporttien mukaan takavarikoidut salakirjat koostuivat kryptovaluutoista Bitcoin, Ether ja […]

Bitcoin fait la une du Wall Street Journal

25. November 2020 // von admin

Crypto attire à nouveau l’attention des médias grand public, avec la première page du Wall Street Journal d’aujourd’hui qui parle de la hausse de 80 % de Bitcoin depuis la reprise des prix à cinq chiffres. Après une hausse de 80 % en deux mois, Bitcoin (BTC) a retrouvé l’intérêt des médias dans le haut […]

Yesterday a record deal was made on the Bitcoin blockchain from a wallet inactive since 2015 and tied to Silk Road.

6. November 2020 // von admin

Silk Road is the legendary marketplace on the dark web closed in 2014, founded by Ross Ulbricht, and involved in several trials for sale of illicit goods. The wallet over time has continued to receive payments in Bitcoin Evolution, but it was not making transactions since 2015. Yesterday it sent almost 70,000 BTC to another […]